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Agriculture, the prime source of sustenance for mankind for centuries is an important part of life supporting systems.

Growing population of man, animal and other forms of life necessitated higher output of agricultural produce. This, in turn spurred the need to, among other things, irrigate on a need based regularity.

Post independence scenario in India saw the demand for food, land and other agricultural produce out strip the yield . By sixties the need for green revolution stared us in the face. Consequential to the inadequate infrastructure to generate and supply electric power, the need to use fossil fuel through the medium of economically viable diesel engines/pump sets to flood irrigate and usher in the 'Green Revolution' was beyond doubt.

Foreseeing the need to power agriculture to boost yield a group of visionaries comprising of Mr. SHAMSHER SINGH made a modest beginning in 1959. The beginning of his contribution to usher green revolution had been made. From then on there was no looking back. Through sheer dedication and commitment to quality, the product image and volumes started climbing up. to the range were added the centrifugal pumps, diesel electric engines and diesel engine spares parts. By now we are leading manufacturer for diesel engines and generator sets.

The contribution of the ALAMGIR INDUSTRIAL CORPN. to the success of 'Green Revolution' can be well augued by the fact that it has a large number of satisfied customer in India and abroad.

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